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d88P  Y88b 888  "Y88b Y88b d88P  888      
Y88b.      888    888  Y88o88P   888      
 "Y888b.   888    888   Y888P    888      
    "Y88b. 888    888   d888b    888      
      "888 888    888  d88888b   888      
Y88b  d88P 888  .d88P d88P Y88b  888      
 "Y8888P"  8888888P" d88P   Y88b 88888888 

Artist Style Studies

prompt 1: “a portrait of a character in a scenic environment by [artist]”
prompt 2: “a building in a stunning landscape by [artist]”

brought to you by parrotzone.art
@proximasan @Eerratica @KyrickYoung @sureailabs

number of styles tested here: 4387
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made with SDXL 1.0 ᕙ( •̀ ᗜ •́ )ᕗ steps: 20 | cfg scale: 7 | no refiner (•ˋ _ ˊ•) | random seeds
if you want to contribute you can use this notebook to make the grids!
also available as a huggingface dataset

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recent #unrecognized 3D Caravaggisti Disney abstract americana angular animals anime architecture art deco art nouveau baroque bauhaus biological birds blue brutalism cars cartoon character children's illustration chinese cityscape clean cloudscape collage colorful comics cubism dark detailed digital digital art dogs dragons dutch golden age expressionism fantasy fashion fauvism figurativism film flat colors floral flowers folk art fruit geometric gore graffiti graphic design hats high contrast horror horses illustration illustration art nouveau impressionism indian installation installation art japanese landscape light low contrast luminism macro magic realism manga melanin messy monochromatic monochrome naturalism nature neoclassicism nihonga nudity op art orientalism personality photography photorealism pink pointillism polka dots pop art portrait primitivism psychedelic realism renaissance rococo romanticism scene sci-fi sculpture seascape shin-hanga social realism space stained glass still life storybook realism street art streetscape surrealism symbolism textile texture ukiyo-e underwater vibrant watercolor whimsical wildlife